Contact Catherine on 07793 131094 to book your place or if you would like any more information.

How would you like to do something that will make you feel relaxed and wonderful?
Would you like to have time away from everyday tasks, time just for you which will also be a great benefit to your health and wellbeing?
If so read on for this is the very thing that will do all that and more.
“Reflexology”, I personally believe is the ‘crème de-la crème’ of all treatments because of its ability to enhance our quality of health and well- being.
How does it do this? It induces a deep state of relaxation into the entire body. It reduces stress & tension, decreases congestion in energy pathways, boosts blood and oxygen flow, instils a feeling of well-being and contentment, regulates and kicks off the body’s own natural healing process and brings the system back into balance.
Here is your opportunity to avail of this amazing treatment.
Focus on Family are starting classes which will run on a weekly basis from June through July. Everyone is taught how to give a Reflexology treatment, each person works with a partner, one learns how to do the treatment while the other receives, then places are reversed so everyone has a chance to enjoy and learn.
You will be learning the areas on the feet and where it corresponds to in the body; for instance, the toes are all to do with the head, back of neck, face, sinuses and eyes, so working on this area can relieve headaches, tension, sinus problems, eye strain, tightness in the jaws, tooth ache and much more.
Everyone that has ever attended has said it was the highlight of their week because it is the most relaxing and enjoyable time they have to themselves and they treat it as their time out.
Beds, towels, wipes, drinking water, everything is provided. The cream and oil used are specially made, using essential oils to enhance the treatments even more.
There is no pressure at all as it is all done at a comfortable pace, each week you are talked through all the movements. It is a very enjoyable time.
The classes will be starting Monday 19th June from 6pm to 8pm, come and enjoy a VERY relaxing and enjoyable evening.
If you care about your health and well-being, don’t wait, book your place now and better still, if you have a pal bring them along so you can work together. The tutor talks everyone through step by step and there is no need for writing and no pressure at all.
At just £3.00 per class why would you miss out on such a marvellous opportunity?!
Spaces are very limited; it is a first come basis.

Karen Shirlow, Therapist, is currently looking for 15 volunteers to be case studies, enabling her to complete training to become one of the first fully certified Havening Therapists in Northern Ireland

Those who volunteer as case studies will not be charged and therapy sessions must take place from a local community/support centre and not from a private home (Each session can take up to 1 hour and will take place at Focus on Family)

Havening Techniques is a healing modality that is designed to help individuals overcome problems that are the consequence of traumatic coding and stressful life events. Havening Techniques belongs to a larger group of treatments called psychosensory therapies, which use sensory input to alter thought, mood and behaviour

The types of problems the Havening Technique can address are:

Distressing memories and events
Victims of natural disasters
Panic Attacks
Emotional Eating And many more…….

If you are interested or know of anyone who would benefit from this revolutionary therapy please send an email to with a brief description of your problem. Alternatively you can send a text message to 07736643362

We look forward to hearing from you

Friends of the Cornfield Project, Coleraine

Interested in getting outdoors, learning new skills and meeting like-minded people? Then our volunteer programme could be for you – meeting on a fortnightly basis to manage and maintain your local green space at the Cornfield, Coleraine.

Voluntary work can be inspiring and rewarding – a real learning experience. You can develop new practical skills, meet new people and learn about your local environment. Volunteering can help you gain confidence and self-esteem and can also have health benefits as you are being active outdoors. You can really make a difference to your local green space by protecting it and improving it for the benefit of the local wildlife and community. Volunteering provides opportunities to enhance your CV and is highly commended by employers and of course, it can be great fun.

Our ‘Friends of’ volunteer group will undertake a wide range of tasks at the Cornfield such as tree planting, site clean-ups, alien species removal, wildflower meadow management, gardening activities, creating homes for wildlife and much more….

Commencing: Wednesday 8th March 2017 from 10.30am -12.30pm

Group Meeting Point: Community Gardens @ The Cornfield Project, Hartford Park, Ballysally, Coleraine

Advice to Participants: This is an outdoor venue, participants should be prepared for inclement weather and come equipped with suitable outdoor clothing and footwear. Bring your own refreshments if required.

Volunteers are required to complete a registration form available from Focus on Family or Millburn Community Association offices or using the contact details below.

Further details and to register interest:
Tel: (028) 7032 9550 or Email:

Do you live in, work, study or visit Coleraine? Do you need your little ones looked after in a quality, happy and fun environment? If so, Focus on Family is just the place for you!!

Focus on Family, based at Glenburn House, 11-19 Glenburn Crescent, Ballysally, Coleraine, BT52 2QR have been offering quality childcare for over 15 years. The family centre, within easy reach of Coleraine town and surrounding areas offers childcare for 0-2 years in the Baby Room and 2-4 years in the Toddler Room.

The childcare is provided by both qualified and experienced staff that pride themselves in ensuring every family receive quality provision and each child is respected for their individuality.  Every child is offered a wide range of activities and opportunities to promote their holistic development.  Activities include art and crafts, music, dance and drama, physical play, role play and dressing up.  The children also receive a healthy snack and participate in the teeth cleaning programme.

Rates for families are extremely competitive and we have again kept our prices as low as possible to help to support local families wishing to avail of the service:

Morning Session 9am-1pm

Parents receiving Tax Credit                        £17 per session

Working Parents                                             £13.50 per session

Parents receiving income support                           £9 per session

Afternoon Session 2pm-5pm

Parents receiving Tax Credit                        £12.75 per session

Working Parents                                             £10 per session

Parents receiving income support                          £6.75 per session

Places for September are filling up fast, so if you would like to know more or to book a space for your child, please contact the Childcare Manager, Kim McAuley, on 028 7032 9550 or by email

Focus on Family has a long and proud tradition of offering the very best support to help local people grow and develop. As part of this support, the centre is pleased to announce a new, free one-to-one personal counselling service.

The counselling service is open to adults living within the local Coleraine area and is available to anyone who would like the opportunity to sit down with the counsellor in a safe and relaxed setting. The counsellor can support a wide range of different issues and problems that people may be finding difficult to cope with.

Focus on Family continue to offer various programmes to the local community that help improve people’s overall quality of life and the counselling service offers a further extension of the support on offer.

Anyone interested in having an initial no-commitment one-to-one session with the counsellor, should contact Focus on Family on 028 7032 9550 or pop in to 11-19 Glenburn Crescent, Ballysally, Coleraine, BT52 2QR and ask for Brendan, Jacq or Angela.

Did you know…………

We run a local membership scheme for anyone living in the Ballysally or Millburn wards. For an annual fee of just £10, you gain membership to the scheme and are then entitled to attend all courses running each week for a fee of only £1 per week. That means you pay your £10 and then could experience employment courses, computers, yoga, holistic therapies, pilates and cookery in the same week all for just £1!