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Our Nurturing Programmes

For further information on any of our courses please contact Sarah Casey, Nurturing Coordinator on 028 7032 9550 or by email

Focus on Family offers two great parenting courses;  Family Links Nurturing Programme and Solihull Approach. 

These are structured 10-week interactive courses promoting emotional health and mental well-being, relationship skills and positive behaviour management strategies for parents/carers and their children.

These programmes help parents understand and manage feelings and behaviour whilst becoming more positive and nurturing in their relationships with their children and each other. 

We want parents and children to get the best out of family life.

We also run an after-school Nurturing Programme for children. 

Through fun activities we help children deal difficult emotions and anxieties. 

Weather permitting, we use the fantastic outdoor setting of the Cornfield which is our Nature-based activities area.